Saturday, 12 November 2011

Disabled Goat Learns To Walk On Two Legs

A goat left partially disabled has learned to walk again by balancing on his front legs. According to owner Xue Yunbao the goat’s hind legs were crushed when it was was run over by a cart at three months old. Xue says: “We all thought it couldn’t make it. We never expected it would survive and even learn to walk upside down”. Yao said, at first, the little goat struggled to learn to walk on its two forelegs, falling to the ground time and time again.
“It was so sad. It stood up then hit the ground, then again stood up and hit hard again. Simply looking at it doing that would make you suffer!” However, the goat didn’t quit and Yao decided to help it. Over the next month he helped to train the goat to stand on its forelegs and it eventually learnt how to walk on them. The goat has now become a local celebrity as villagers and strangers come to look at it. Xue and his wife now plan take care of the goat for the rest of its life.